Steps to a Practical, Predictable, and Scalable Mobile-Centric End User Experience

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Many aspects come together to create an optimized mobile app user experience that satisfies users while also satisfying business objectives. A great user experience necessitates a creative shift away from traditional approaches and toward a mobile-first mindset.

With most end users having gone mobile, enterprises aiming to harness the power of digital must deliver compelling and consistent mobile-centric experiences. This needs continuous updated knowledge of what the users want in look, feel, and usability across OSs, devices, and user segments. However, this poses daunting challenges if not approached strategically.

The user is at the center of mobile app development. A good user experience is the difference between a successful mobile app and one that fails in the market. You won’t be able to design a mobile product that meets a key purpose or exceeds expectations unless you have a solid understanding of your target consumers’ in-app activity patterns and psychological underpinnings.

Conducting user experience research is an important aspect of designing effective mobile apps. It’s critical to understand how the user experience and user interface will work together to tackle user pain points before beginning the development process.

In today’s saturated digital environment, where people have become increasingly demanding and digitally sophisticated, using user-centered design is almost a must if you want to acquire their confidence and loyalty rapidly.

Product teams and designers that create products in isolation without taking into account the people who will use them will fail.

So, how do business, IT, and QA leadership collaborate to provide a practical, predictable, and scalable mobile-centric end-user experience?

Everything that affects a user’s perception and interaction with a product is considered a user experience. The design thinking process is aided by developing a mobile app based on user data, which results in practical solutions to real-world problems.

Before downloading a new app, 80% of users look at the ratings. Thus, positive reviews and ratings have a direct influence on app downloads, making them the most important criteria in user acquisition and app discovery.

Your app is up against a lot of competition, especially when potential new customers are evaluating it for the first time. As a result, it’s vital to stay on top of the user experience. Your capacity to reply to reviews and ratings on a regular basis demonstrates the significance you place on each user, enhancing their experience.

An excellent user experience and staying on top of user sentiment will assist in enhancing app retention and reviews at the same time.

Here is the link to access the on-demand webinar that was recently conducted on January 27th on the steps to a practical, predictable, and scalable mobile-centric end-user experience.

Why Should You Watch the Webinar?

This webinar is for you if you are looking for:

  • Discover: How prospects want to engage with your business on mobile?
  • Design: How to create quick, intuitive, and immersive app journeys?
  • Deploy: How to maximize experience by testing on OSs and devices?

Master the steps for assuring Mobile UX on your enterprise applications. Gain insights from experienced thought leaders in the field, such as Laura Money, CIO, Sun Life; Aref Matin, CTO, Wiley; Chris Panagiotopoulos, CTO, LifeBridge Health; Vince Kellen, Ph.D., CIO, University of California, San Diego; and Raghuram Krovvidy, President & Global Delivery Head at Cigniti, in this exclusive webinar by Cigniti Technologies in association with our partner, Kobiton. This 60-minute session was moderated by Sanjog Aul, Founder of the CIO Talk Network (CTN).

Who should watch?

QA and IT leaders in enterprises planning to collaborate and provide a practical, predictable, and scalable mobile-centric end-user experience will find this webinar insightful.


With nearly 85% of millennials using apps on their smartphones, businesses must constantly deploy and create high-quality, well-functioning apps to stay ahead in this technologically changing world.

Cigniti has extensive cross-browser testing experience for mobile applications, including both functional and non-functional (Manual and Automated) testing. The Mobile Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) at Cigniti is made up of more than 500 mobile testing experts. While our mobile app testers are certified in a variety of commercial and open source mobile testing tools, our test architects and engineers have more than 6 years of experience in mobile testing for a variety of industries, including Banking, Insurance, Travel, Retail, and more, using industry-leading mobile testing tools and best practices.

Cigniti’s Incight is a first-of-its-kind Customer Experience Assurance Platform with Enhanced User Sentiment Analysis. Incight provides Product, Marketing, and User Experience professionals with a real-time 360-degree picture of customer insights based on several factors, allowing them to forecast the experience of their mobile applications. Incight not only forecasts network and device performance, but it also measures customer sentiment. This allows you to spot issues with the app and fix them before the ratings plummet.

Need help? Schedule a discussion with our Mobile Testing experts and UX experts to learn more about the steps to practical, predictable, and scalable mobile-centric end user experience.

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