Can PeopleSoft ERP Testing & Performance Testing Enable the Hospitality Sector?

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Airbnb with its 2,000,000 listings in 34,000 cities and 191 countries, is definitely taking over the travel industry. Its success can be attributed to the dynamic online platform it offers to the users. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is also equally important and a critical tool for managing organizational functions and information controls. PeopleSoft ERP helps manage every aspect that binds the hospitality industry together – human resources, finance, maintenance, stocking, logistics, payroll, security, intelligence, etc.

Success of the AirBnb business model or any key player in the hospitality sector has to be attributed to a robust and user-friendly online platform. A recent news report states how Airbnb engineers along with fellow developers launched Lottie, an open-source tool that helps add animations to native apps. Lottie is an iOS, Android, and React Native library that helps develop rich animations in real time.

But what is fundamentally critical for the industry?

The answer to the above question is: managing the information, logistics, travel processes and safety. ERP is a system that makes managing these tasks possible.

Why is Hospitality ERP system testing so critical for the Hospitality industry?

A comprehensive hospitality ERP system helps meet overall demands of the hospitality industry. It further enables a hotel/property to offer add-on customer service, maintain coordination between departments, manage the resources and aspects associated with them, tackles daily chores, manages any discrepancies, and much more.

An ERP system also helps you reduce operational costs and boosts the efficiency of the company. The ERP system is expected to be all-inclusive and compatible with the key functions within an organization. A well-integrated and well-equipped ERP system can help organizations to look beyond the mundane glitches and serve their customers better.

How can ERP testing resolve glitches and help boost growth?

As mentioned above, an ERP system is expected to integrate seamlessly with the existing system/departments and give results. ERP testing ensures that your system is effectively integrated with various functions and network sites to execute every requirement.

An experienced ERP testing partner can devise the right approach for you according to the analysis of your system. It can streamline integration efforts and effectively manage testing budgets, keeping quality and speed on top of the agenda.

There are quite a few challenges that the hospitability sector faces when it comes to ERP testing and implementation as it directly or indirectly disrupts the overall flow that keeps the system going on a day-to-day basis.

How different is ERP designed for Hospitality industry?

Technically, ERP is a business process management software that enables hospitality chains/properties to optimize an integrated pool of applications to manage their processes and automate back-end functions like finance, marketing, maintenance, and resources.

Hence, ERP for this sector has to perform beyond front office and back office, as it has to work with a host of other solutions that smoothly integrate into the larger application pool. It can be either hosted on the Cloud or in-premise.

It is lucrative to host the application on the Cloud due to infrastructure or hardware investment, however, most of the hotel properties lack stable internet connectivity. So the chances are that the facility could be down during crucial hours and it would impact the services available for the customers.

Benefits of an ERP system for Hospitality sector

An ERP system helps maintain consistency and accuracy of information across the hotel/hotel chain. It simplifies cross-departmental coordination and execution of workflow. It further helps streamline activities that help properties to focus on the personalized needs of the customers. Additionally, an agile infrastructure helps identify and fix issues rapidly.

Why do hotels need an ERP?

The concept of ERP has been prevalent since the mid-90’s and has been leveraged by various industries. It is a required tool to boost productivity, cut down operational costs, smoothen information flow, and improve performance.

The Hospitality sector has recently picked up the benefits of Hospitality ERP Systems Testing and has been leveraging it for larger goals. This sector specifically requires high visibility into the various operations, resources, logistics and much more. A well-built ERP system helps provide this kind of visibility for the hotels.

Speed and Quality is critical for this sector, which is highly competitive and a comprehensive ERP system has to boost the same. It is a single integrated solution that is expected to run various applications without dedicated IT personnel. Additionally, it helps to map the entire hotel operations in an effective way – financial accounting, inventory, payroll, supply chain management, CRM.

Moreover, it will help to make the overall process cost-effective and will leave scope for more innovation. According to industry experts, ERP for the hospitality sector is an advanced form of a Property Management System (PMS) that is designed to accumulate data at a single place that can be accessed by managers virtually.

Our take!

Cigniti has been collaborating with businesses of various sizes for PeopleSoft ERP testing and implementation. These businesses have been functioning across various industries. In one of such instances, Cigniti collaborated with a large hotel chain to boost test processes and save test efforts.

The Client is the world’s largest hotel chain, with over 4,195 hotels in over 100 countries. When the Client approached Cigniti, they were running behind schedules that resulted in pressing timelines and schedules for application testing.

Ambiguity in the business requirements further added to the challenges. So, it was critical for the team to understand the domain specific needs of the project. It helped them to comprehend the ERP customization done at the Client’s end and related challenges.

As part of the overall ERP testing and implementation process, the Cigniti team provided Functional Testing, Performance Testing, and Web Services testing by using Soap UI. It further comprised Workday Test Automation Testing for the Central reservation system, Functional Testing for ERP solution, and Cognos Report testing to gain insights into the key performance indicators that drive client business.

Interestingly, Cigniti’s proprietary software testing solutions for hospitality contributed towards an effective release management, reduced defect leakage, and increased code coverage. The team further established a framework for Requirement Management and improved test processes that reduced the test effort almost 8%.

Additionally, successful Performance testing led to detailed result analysis for a better user experience.

Are you looking out for a partner to effectively integrate your ERP system within your enterprise? Cigniti’s PeopleSoft ERP Testing and Performance Testing practice offers a full suite of integrated ERP testing services across the lifecycle of ERP projects – Implementation, Upgrade, Rollout, Production Support, and Maintenance.

Connect with us and we will enable you escape the day-to-day operational issues and bring value for your customers.


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