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Organizations are ready to outsource core skills to suppliers that can give them with the competence and direction they seek to manage evolving testing needs.  

Decision-makers in this ecosystem use a hybrid strategy, relying on both specialist pure-play suppliers for customized knowledge and major System Integrators (SIs) for size and established ecosystems. 

Functional testing services are often outsourced by businesses. 

In recently conducted research by Forrester, an average of 60% of respondents said their organization planned to outsource traditional testing skills such as functional, compatibility, and performance testing to third-party providers when asked about their testing preferences.  

According to 81 percent of respondents, manual testing is also primarily outsourced.  

Given their early phases, 56 percent of decision-makers, on the other hand, stated they would prefer to keep their testing automation and security testing in-house. 

Companies want to use a hybrid approach, combining larger SIs with pure-play vendors for specialized activities.  

52 percent of firms will continue to employ an integrated approach of establishing in-house testing skills while engaging pure-play providers for specific functions during the next two years.  

However, in order to further understand the drivers for pure-play testing, 61 percent of respondents indicated their company is actively evaluating pure-play testing providers because of their expertise in software testing. 

Pure-play testing services, according to two-thirds of respondents, help ensure consistent quality.  

The ability to provide specialized testing assistance and coaching on the job, as well as overall governance for managing and monitoring a holistic picture of quality consistently across teams, is a strong motivator for utilizing pure-play.  

Larger SIs, on the other hand, have a role to play in the scale of their agile and DevOps services, according to one in every two decision-makers polled. 

To future-proof testing capabilities, companies should examine the unique capabilities that can be supplied by pure-play and SI testing vendors. 

Unique competence provided by Pure-Play testing vendors 

Software testing might be your most valuable asset in today’s frantic business climate, where speed is demanded, and accuracy is critical. 

However, not all businesses have the capacity in-house to meet these demands, which is why many are resorting to outsourcing.  

If you find the appropriate partner, outsourcing software testing can be critical to your success and growth.  

When it comes to selecting a software testing company, there are many options to consider, and, as with other commercial relationships, the relationship is important. 

Working with a pure-play firm is more likely to result in close collaboration and a customized strategy.  

A pure-play testing organization can be more responsive and adaptable, working with you on a one-on-one basis to create the right program—rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Because they are smaller and more versatile, pure-play outsourced software testing organizations are more likely to be able to work seamlessly with your internal teams and integrate with your agile development process. 

You can also use flexibility to grow your staff during “crunch times” or hire an outsourced software testing business on a regular basis to meet important deadlines. 

While outsourcing your testing software makes sense, employing a pure-play outsourced software testing business enhances the possibilities even more.  

Expertise, strong collaboration, and the focus that a pure-play team can provide improve the quality of your product. Furthermore, quality and focus result in cheaper costs and a faster time to the market. 

Top Reasons to Hire a Software Testing Firm That Only Tests Software 

There are numerous benefits to hiring a pure-play software testing firm, but here are the top picks. 

Flexibility – We’ve already covered the benefits of onshore outsourcing’s flexibility and adaptability, and the same can be said for pure-play software testing firms. Pure-play testing firms can respond swiftly to whatever clients require, whether it’s automation testing, manual testing, or a combination of the two. 

Industry Expertise – Because a pure-play business focuses solely on software testing, they benefit from working with a diverse set of suppliers, systems, and tools, allowing them to build a knowledge base based on cross-platform and cross-industry experience. Pure-play software testing firms also have a thorough understanding of industry norms and regulations. 

Software Quality – The importance of pure-play testing businesses in improving software quality cannot be overstated. Pure-play testing groups have a broad understanding of how software functions. They are focused and objective when it comes to a variety of software systems and testing techniques. They have the knowledge and insight to ensure that software quality fulfils the client and users’ expectations. 

Lesser Costs – Pure-play testers may focus on quality, requirement adherence, and scalability, allowing the customer to concentrate on operational growth. Testing cycles that cover both functional and non-functional performance will help to reduce failure rates and maintenance costs. A pure-play outsourced software testing partner will also reduce H.R. and recruitment issues, and less management equals fewer costs. 

Speed to Market – Of all the benefits listed above, speed to market is perhaps the most astounding. The integration of highly experienced and professional teams into projects from start to finish results in a fluid testing cycle, which means a faster turnaround and speed to market. 

While finding the proper partner to outsource your software testing may be unsettling at first, it will pay off in the end.  

When it comes to outsourcing a crucial business function, you want to work with a company that will take the time to learn about your organization.  

Someone who is just as invested in the success of your endeavor as you are.  

On a day-to-day basis, a pure-play software testing firm is more likely to provide you with their undivided attention and prepare according to your business needs.  

A pure-play firm not only provides flexibility and responsiveness, but it also has a better chance of easily integrating into your existing process and culture. 

Pure-play testing has the potential to play a larger role in addressing the quality and agility required to meet business objectives. 

According to Forrester, “The focus on quality and speed of testing capabilities requires dedicated and catered expertise from their providers. As a result, pure-play providers have the potential to play an important role in meeting these specialized testing needs.” 

Ensure your business and IT management understand the critical role testing can play in tackling bigger digital priorities to compete for investment and attention against other IT priorities.  

Prioritizing team structures that allow developers, testers, and business teams to collaborate helps ensure that priorities are aligned, and impact is represented and communicated. 

Organizations must keep focusing on improving their continuous testing capabilities, and they must do it quickly.  

External vendors, such as specialized pure-play providers and larger SIs, can help companies leapfrog their continuous testing requirements in the correct way. 

Pure-play testing providers have a particular role to play in solving these skill shortages with their models for devoted specialists and capabilities, as skills and subject matter expertise in testing require continual progress and investment. 


While pure-play providers are important for meeting particular quality assurance requirements, they also contribute significantly to improving the quality and agility of business output. 

Cigniti, a pure-play testing service provider, has been positioned as a “Niche Player” in the Gartner Magic Quadrant.  

We believe Gartner’s evaluation affirms and validates our ability to provide world-class testing services to clients across small to midsize to large enterprises, helping them succeed in their Digital, Agile and DevOps transformation initiatives. 

Being a global leader in independent quality engineering services, Cigniti is a strong advocate of Quality Assurance and its implementation right from the early stages of the software lifecycle.  

We encourage customer feedback and believe in including such feedback in our broader quality assurance approach. We take great measures to ensure that we are fully equipped with state-of-the-art services and have partnered with other experts that specialize in providing testing services. Talk to us. 


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