4 Scriptless Test Automation Myths you should not believe

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What is Scriptless testing? If your answer is that it is a form of testing that does not involve any code and can be performed by a non-technical person any time, then you definitely need to read this blog.

Scriptless testing serves to reduce the time required for creating automated tests by considerably reducing the amount of scripting needed and it is no way a substitute for actual coding of an organizational test automation tool.

As a professional software tester, you should definitely have an understanding of these so called myths that surround Scriptless testing. Here are the top 4 myths of Scriptless testing that seems to be floating in cyberspace.

Myth 1: There is no script

Very often test architects try to make automation frameworks as user friendly as possible and as a result, the folks who actually use the tools are never actually exposed to the underlying code. This camouflage combined with careful marketing gimmicks lead people to believe that companies sell Scriptless automation tools that eliminates coding.

The reality? As far as a complete automation suite is concerned, it needs to grow organically from within your environment by carefully integrating business and operational logic step by step until it gets to a point where no further scripting is needed for people who are using it. You still have to script every new functionality and use case that has to be integrated into the framework.

Myth 2: It’s Record and Playback disguised in a new Avatar

In Record and Playback test automation, the user will have to depend on recorded scripts that were initially created with test data and not with actual live scenario data. Hence their sturdy response in highly dynamic input scenarios is a feature that leaves much to be desired, unlike Scriptless testing where methods are created to respond to dynamic data.

The reality? Scriptless test automation is a more structured and organized model wherein functional users can eventually automate a good majority of test cases thanks to reusable scripts.

Myth 3: Good Bye Automation Architects

The reality? We repeat again, Scriptless in no way implies the absence of scripting. It is an optimized process of creating a testing framework that allows your testers to develop new test cases with reusable scripts. While you are reading this, automation architects are racking their brains to identify every possible reusable component based on their knowledge and expertise. As business or operational scope expands, need for new components will rise and automation architects are definitely needed to integrate them.

Myth 4: It’s unreliable

The reality? While Scriptless automation calls for a framework with reduced scripting requirement, it should not be written off as unreliable. Today there are several highly organized tools that offer Scriptless automation for use in multiple real time test scenarios. The developers of these tools have analyzed numerous business cases, operational scenarios, deployment environments before building reusable components for their tools. They offer a high degree of practical reliability as well.

With the evolution of artificial intelligence, big data analytics, and high speed cloud computing, we may in the near future have a taste of Scriptless testing literally but for now, it is safe to assume that Scriptless testing is a highly flexible and conventional testing framework with minimal code exposure to users. And if you like to provide your organization’s testing team with a powerful test automation framework that supports Scriptless methodology, you would certainly want to check out Cigniti’s services for the best picks.


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