The practical use cases of Sentiment Analysis

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Business coach David J. Greer says, “A customer talking about their experience with you is worth ten times that which you write or say about yourself.”

The internet has opened multiple direct communication channels between a brand and its customer. Unlike the pre-internet era where a huge gap existed in what customers actually felt and what brands perceived that their customer felt.

Now, with social media channels, online review portals, and e-commerce platforms, brand have a golden chance to communicate with their customer one-to-one, understand their exact perceptions, and incorporate their inputs within their offering to enhance value.

In a traditional, offline marketing world, brands put up billboards, launch multi-format advertisements, and follow the classic marketing tactics. However, in this scenario, they have no way of knowing the actual number of people who would have noticed that billboard from their car, or the exact amount of viewers who sat through their entire commercial and did not grab a glass of water or a snack or opened the door while the brand’s advert was on the television.

As a result, the accurate return value on the efforts put out by a brand remained unknown. This lack of knowledge often leads to an incorrect evaluation of the brand perception and therefore, underwhelming improvements and optimization efforts on the brand’s offerings.

With the power of the internet, customers can react in their choice of emoticon, vent out or write praise about a product on their social account or an online review portal like Yelp or Google reviews, or initiate discussions on various forums. Internet has offered the customers the power to make their opinion heard.

While in an ideal scenario, brands should take a really good listen to what their customers have to say on the World Wide Web and take it into account while enhancing their product or service offerings. But, that is not often the case.

There are usually millions of downloads for an app and thousands of reviews. With over 3 billion internet users across the world and more than hundreds of opinions being shared across the web every day, it is nothing less than a herculean task for the brands to do the listening manually.

And this is why, they need to leverage sentiment analysis.

What is sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis or Opinion mining is a systematic and multi-step process of mining, sifting, and analysis through all that is being said on the internet by a smart, intuitive tool driven by technologies such as Natural Language Processing (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML).

With the help of a sentiment analyzer tool that runs on advanced algorithms, a brand can monitor the overall perception of the customers regarding the brand’s product or service offerings.

A sentiment analyzer:

  • Gathers the available data related to the conversation happening about a brand
  • Segregates the sentiment of the collected conversation into positive, negative, and neutral
  • Identifies the emotion of each conversation into Advocate, Satisfied, Neutral, and Dissatisfied
  • Detects behavioral patterns of the customers
  • Tracks early product feedback for continuous quality improvement
  • Collates the derived insights on a unified dashboard
  • Supports business & financial intelligence through peer comparison and evaluation of brand perception

Sentiment analysis allows brands to involve their customers in the value creation journey and offer a product or service that perfectly fulfills expectations of the end users.

CESA – Cigniti Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer

CESA or Cigniti Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer is one of the components of our proprietary Quality Engineering & Software Testing platform – BlueSwanTM.

CESA helps brands to maximize their customer experience quotient through meticulous opinion mining and to prioritize business decisions effectively based on direct user feedback cluster analysis.

The Cigniti Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer:

  • Understands the user applications
  • Identifies the nature and source of downloads
  • Analyzes the ratings, reviews, conversations, communications across social media
  • Profiles the users under defined segments
  • Creates region-specific reports
  • Shares downloadable links

CESA performs a thorough assessment and offers valuable information related to various aspects such as user experience, functionality, performance, security, and compatibility.

Let’s understand how CESA helped a brand improve its overall customer satisfaction.

Sentiment Analysis of a luxury makeup brand

An analysis of the digital ecommerce application of a luxury makeup brand by CESA revealed:

  • A decrease in the number of reviews in the current quarter as compared to the previous quarter
  • Most users talked about the Usability & Functionality of the app
  • End users expressed “Satisfied emotion” for Usability and “Dissatisfied to Neutral” emotion for Functionality of the application
  • Top 3 phrases included in positive conversations are: Easy to use, Shopping, Products
  • Top 3 phrases included in negative conversations are: Version Update, App Performance, Payment
  • Net emotion continues to trend up from “Satisfied” to “Advocate” over the last month.
  • store rating is 4.6 (Customer experience is perceived to be Advocate) but the analysis of the sentiment demonstrates “Satisfied” Customer experience.

The Cigniti Enterprise Sentiment Analyzer suggested the brand to:

  • Continue to monitor the aspects of Usability and Service Quality
  • Continue to focus on the aspects of Functionality, Performance, and Reliability

How can we help

Customer churn, negative revenue impact, and brand reputation damage are some of the consequences of a poor-quality digital experience.

As customers expect a highly interactive user interface, omni-channel offerings, and personalized services, it is critical to understand those expectations and optimize the digital experience accordingly.

CESA crawls and captures end-user feedback from publicly available sources and provides insights for improving end-user engagement, emotion, and experience. This helps them gain AI-based insights on Customer Sentiment & Opinion Mining to maximize their customer experience (CX). It also helps them prioritize business decisions effectively based on direct user feedback analysis.

To gain a detailed understanding of how CESA can help your brand or if you have any questions, schedule a discussion with our experts today.


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