Top 7 Cloud-based Software Testing tools

Testing in the cloud brings with it benefits of easy availability, high scalability and low cost. It allows for web and mobile testing in different environments and multiple machines without building your own infrastructure. Needless to say, the rising popularity of cloud testing has given rise to a slew of cloud-based testing tools in the market. Here are some of the hugely popular cloud-based software testing tools.

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1. SOASTA CloudTest

It enables four types of test automation on a single web platform – Mobile Functional & Performance testing and Web-based Functional & Performance testing. It can simulate millions  of geographically dispersed concurrent users visiting a website to test the application under huge loads. With real-time analytics & seamless integration between test design, monitoring and reporting, CloudTest enables convenient and efficient testing.

CloudTest Lite is a free version that comes with limited features.


2. LoadStorm

It is a load testing tool for web and mobile applications. It is easy to use and cost effective. It is ideal to check performance under excessive traffic or usage. It is highly scalable and can simulate as many virtual users as required to find the breaking point of a website or app. Various load testing scenarios are available which are also customizable.


3. BlazeMeter

It is used for end-to-end performance and load testing of mobile apps, websites and API. It is JMeter compatible and can simulate up to 1 million users. It facilitates realistic load tests and performance monitoring combined with real-time reporting.


4. Nessus:

It is a widely used vulnerability scanner which can detect vulnerabilities, mis-configurations and missing patches in a range of devices, firewalls, virtualized systems, cloud infrastructure etc. You can use it to detect threats like viruses, malware, backdoors and web services linking to malicious content. For sectors like healthcare and banking, it can also be used to perform compliance auditing. It generates scan reports and remediation recommendations in flexible formats including sending targeted emails.


5. App Thwack

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It is a cloud-based simulator for testing Android, iOS and web apps on actual devices. It is compatible with popular automation platforms like Robotium, Calabash, UI Automation and several others. If you wish to test through clients other than the official site, there is a REST API which allows that. Other key features include  multi-platform support, customizable testing and detailed test reports.


6. Jenkins Dev@Cloud

It facilitates development, continuous deployment and integration on the cloud. It allows development in many languages and deployment to any number of services. It provides a wide array of mobile tools for development and allows connecting securely to existing systems via the cloud. It brings in benefits of third party systems like Google App Engine, Cloud Foundry and AWS Elastic Beanstalk.


7. Xamarin test cloud

It is a UI acceptance testing tool for mobile apps. It allows writing tests in C# using NUnit testing library through the UITest framework or in Ruby through the Calabash framework. The tool runs the test on over thousand physical devices and displays full-resolution screen shots of each step, including relevant data like CPU and memory usage and test time. It can be integrated into automated builds for continuous integration.


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