What are the Top DevOps Testing Trends for 2017?

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Adoption of DevOps is one of the prominent trends in software development and testing for 2017. Enterprises are observing and reaping the benefits of adopting DevOps in the current scenario that demands faster time-to-market and robust software quality. Digital Transformation is redefining the way enterprises and teams are developing and testing applications.

There is a need for a more collaborative approach towards ensuring quality and deliverables. New-age applications need real-time updates and solutions. DevOps testing approach makes it feasible for teams to ensure Continuous Development, Continuous Testing, and Continuous Deliverables. It presents a more modular approach towards testing applications, where the application can be broken down and tested in parts. This makes the process more and more reliable and foolproof.

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2016 witnessed substantial adoption of DevOps and QA transformation across enterprises in various ways. Considering the results have been as desired, 2017 will further define DevOps – processes, rules, and approach. As Werner Vogels, Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of Amazon.com mentions about DevOps, “You build it, you run it”. This says a lot about how DevOps gives you the edge to build and test at your convenience and as per your plans.

Over the period of time enterprises have absorbed the fact that DevOps is not just an approach, it is a cultural shift that they need to take. Only accepting the practice at the superficial level might not help. Organizations can get profitable, sustainable, and exceedingly innovative when they take the DevOps route in a full-blown manner. This way they continue to stay competitive and up in the game.

Applications of all kinds and across enterprises are struggling to reach out effectively to their customers and in this way making amendments to their ways. The intrinsic qualities of DevOps makes it easier for teams to adopt changes and continue to remain agile. In the current development arena the code remains constant and alterations are done around the code. DevOps helps strengthen the quality of the code in the development process.

Continuous Testing continues to power the DevOps approach and make strides into the unknown domains. Any future trends in DevOps will ensure more and more definitive approaches and stronger processes for embracing DevOps. Testing and Development teams, including the overall business scenario is vigilant about the developments happening in DevOps.

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The year 2017 will see some strong trends and progressive roadmap for DevOps.

The DevOps Route

DevOps makes enterprises competitive and sinks into the business ecosystem to evolve as an organizational culture. It gives an exploratory window to develop and test software applications in innovative patterns. Teams are able to derive speed and quality and remain headstrong in the marketplace.

The top 6 key trends in DevOps Testing that one can see in 2017 are:

  1. Fail First, Fail Fast, Fail Often

DevOps has reinforced the idea of testing ahead in the software development cycle. When defects are detected early it helps to rectify them on time and avoid risks when the application finally reaches the market. Early defect detection and resolution will continue in the DevOps scenario and this is a major trend why teams will continue to embrace DevOps.

  1. DevOps as a cultural shift

DevOps, the way it has evolved, matures when enterprises embrace it as an organizational culture. In this way, organizations who want to take up the DevOps journey will have to embrace it within the overall functioning of the organization. It cannot be confined to a project or a function.

  1. Development and Testing will happen simultaneously

The responsibility to ensure quality is a shared responsibility and going ahead, the process of testing and development will also need to flow together. Enterprises will build and test their products concurrently. In this way, the concept of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) will thrive in the DevOps scenario.

  1. Need for Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery will grow

Continuous Deployment is the biggest strength of DevOps and it requires Continuous Testing and Delivery. The need for the continuous process will always increase, which will substantially reduce time and eliminate defects substantially.

This will help enterprises to embrace the digital experience and focus more on innovation, keeping the quality metrics into perspective. Continuous Testing will be the top priority for 2017 and continue to bring value for enterprises.

  1. Move to the Cloud

Cloud has brought a super transformation to the entire software development and testing process. It helps to test and access application data at any time and from anywhere. Cloud will be an enabler for effectively implementing DevOps practices. It will boost the continuous development and testing process.

  1. Consolidation of DevOps tools

Market for DevOps tools is growing, each tool has its own highlights and capabilities to leverage. Tool such as Jenkins, Dockers, AWS are bring leveraged by teams for delivering application. Nevertheless, the market will see a lot of consolidation in the tools market, where capabilities will enhance get more focused.

True to its underlying theme, DevOps is continuously growing in complexity and driving organizations to implement tools to gain the required visibility. Continuous definition, testing, and improvement of the processes will help DevOps mature as a methodology and gain more popularity.

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Today, there is a need for DevOps to mature and define itself further. There has to be a deliberate focus on building and refining the DevOps metrics to track the quality of the applications. Better metrics will help enterprises to get good visibility of the DevOps practices and track them better.

Every new methodology needs investments, and if the investments can bring more RoI, the acceptance of the methodology will increase. The same is expected as the next trend and roadmap for DevOps. It will develop better focus and bring more relevance.

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