How to Transform Customer Experience by Harnessing the Impact of Intelligent Automation

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According to Gartner’s Top Priorities for Customer Service Leaders -2024 – Three priority areas are Self Service, Gen AI, and Customer Journey Analytics.

When delved into the primary concern, it became apparent that many customers abandon product or service issues rather than seek agent assistance if online solutions are unavailable. Additionally, a notable proportion of Millennials and Gen Z adhere to a “self-service or no service” mindset.

With these younger demographics growing in importance, organizations face a mounting challenge if they fail to enhance their self-service offerings. This underscores the critical need for companies to prioritize and strengthen their self-help capabilities to meet evolving customer expectations.

Consumers will pay up to a 16% price premium for a positive customer experience – PwC

Customers are 2.4x more likely to remain loyal to brands that quickly solve customer service issues – Forrester

62% of customers say their experience in one industry affects their expectations of other industries – Salesforce

In today’s global market, where consumers can access many vendors, distinguishing one’s products or services presents a formidable challenge. Thus, the pertinent question becomes, “What sets you apart?” CIOs are shifting gears to intelligent automation (IA) to transform their efficiency and productivity and enhance CX digitally.

What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent Automation integrates Robotic Process Automation (RPA) with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and other advanced technologies to streamline business processes. By adopting Intelligent Automation, organizations can automate intricate tasks and workflows. These automated processes can learn and evolve autonomously, enhancing business results and efficiencies.

Intelligent automation enhances operational efficiency and elevates CX through enhanced security, expanded self-service choices, and minimized wait times.

Exploring How Intelligent Automation Elevates Customer Experience

Chatbots and Self-Help Solutions

IA, particularly in chatbots, enhances customer service by providing 24/7 responses, reducing wait times significantly. AI-powered chatbots notably enhance problem resolution, as reported by MIT Technology Review, with a 90% success rate in resolving complaints. Chatbots assist clients with issues when combined with self-service tools like knowledgebases. They often alleviate 30%-50% of the workload, allowing agents to prioritize more intricate tasks.

Seamless Multichannel Experience

In today’s global market, seamless omnichannel experiences are an expectation yet often overlooked. Transitioning between chat, email, and phone for service requests can frustrate customers due to redundant information sharing. Organizations prioritizing omnichannel strategies recognize this need for fluidity. Integrated IA tools across all touchpoints ensure real-time updates, enhancing overall customer experience.

Tailored Offerings

IA, coupled with data analytics, discerns patterns in data, predicting consumer interests and preferences. Netflix’s algorithmic success in personalized recommendations exemplifies this capability. Beyond content curation, IA extracts actionable insights from client feedback, informing product roadmap adjustments. It enables businesses to innovate and tailor offerings to meet evolving consumer needs.

Forward-Looking Engagement

Automation empowers organizations to engage proactively with customers based on triggers or predefined conditions, such as abandoned shopping carts. Personalized emails or special discounts can be automatically dispatched to encourage purchases. These automated workflows cater to diverse customer interactions like onboarding, upselling, and social media engagement. A scalable and agile infrastructure enhances user experience, while leaders must prioritize intuitive and automated risk and control environments in their digital transformation efforts.

Personalization at Scale

Automation is pivotal in tailoring customer experiences and communications and streamlining data collection from various sources like websites and social media. Leveraging AI and ML, algorithms extract insights, updating customer profiles in real-time for effective customization. Dynamic content delivery ensures relevance, from personalized product recommendations to segmented email campaigns. Enterprise automation, driven by AI, optimizes outcomes across the organization, enhancing business value comprehensively.

Enhanced Security Strengthens Brand Loyalty

Automation in cybersecurity reduces errors and data leaks by minimizing manual entry and actively monitoring for unauthorized activity. Custom triggers set by security teams prompt automated responses such as alerting, access removal, and more. RPA analytics dashboards serve as an extension of cybersecurity teams, alleviating burdens on information security professionals. Enhanced security practices with IA reassure customers about data safety, fostering trust and brand loyalty. This, in turn, leads to increased customer retention and improved overall customer experience.


The future of automation in customer experience is poised to be intelligent, automated, and engaging. Successful brands will seamlessly integrate automation and intelligent tools with human ingenuity and empathy.

Cigniti facilitates the understanding and identification of processes suitable for automation. We meticulously plan the automation rollout once productivity and FTE optimization goals are met. Bot development lies at the heart of Intelligent Automation (IA) implementation. Leveraging AI, ML, and cognitive services, we craft and deploy bots for process automation, guided by our IA experts. Our team orchestrates workflows, establishes governance frameworks, and validates rollout strategies. With proficiency in leading IA tools like UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Leapwork,, and Nintex, we ensure robust implementation.

As the IA program progresses, the number of bots in production grows steadily. Hence, ongoing support and monitoring are crucial. We specialize in managing extensive bot floors, offering L1 and L2 support models to ensure continuous monitoring and maintenance. This comprehensive approach ensures the sustained success of your IA initiatives.

Need help? Contact our Intelligent Automation experts to learn more about transforming customer experience by harnessing the impact of IA.

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