Unleashing the Power of Digital Assurance in the Age of AI and Gen AI: Charting the Way Forward

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In the pursuit of excellence, Quality Assurance (QA) has embarked on a profound journey of automation. Beginning with manual testing as its foundation, QA has progressed steadily through functional automation and smart automation, culminating in its embrace of Intelligent automation and Codeless automation. This evolution mirrors our transition from traditional waterfall models to agile methodologies.

QA now seamlessly integrates with development processes, epitomized by the ‘shift-left’ approach and the adoption of DevOps & CI/CD principles, thereby giving birth to the concept of QAOps. Furthermore, we observe a notable trend towards in-sprint automation, empowering QA teams to engage early in the development cycle.

The advent of AI and Gen AI technologies marks a monumental leap in QA automation, heralding a future where machines will play a significant role in driving the QA lifecycle. Consequently, the roles of testers and quality engineers are rapidly evolving into specialized domains.

In today’s digital landscape, where flawless digital experiences are paramount for businesses, the role of testing and assurance has never been more pivotal. Esteemed industry analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, Nelson Hall, and nasscom provide invaluable insights into the transformative potential of AI in reshaping testing practices. Let us delve into these key insights and explore how trailblazing organizations like Cigniti are spearheading this paradigm shift.

AI Augmentation: Revolutionizing Software Quality Assurance

According to Gartner, AI augmentation is key to unlocking benefits across various facets of software quality assurance. From test planning and prioritization to defect analysis, AI is redefining traditional testing practices. Test planning and prioritization, once manual and time-consuming tasks, are now streamlined with AI-powered intelligent test selection and scenario-driven testing.

Forrester’s Perspective: The Testing Services Market

Diego Lo Giudice from Forrester emphasizes the monumental growth of the testing services market, underscored by the increasing adoption of generative AI (Gen AI). With the emergence of tester TuringBots, productivity gains of 15% to 30% are within reach. However, manual practices still persist, highlighting the need for a shift towards AI-driven automation.

Nelson Hall’s Outlook: Embracing Advanced Automation

Nelson Hall’s insights shed light on the exponential growth of the global software testing services market, driven by AI experimentation. Advanced Automation Organizations leverage AI to elevate testing to new heights, from automated test case creation to intelligent defect analysis. AI-based analytics enable organizations to focus testing efforts on critical areas, enhancing test coverage and efficiency.

nasscom’s Vision: Shaping the Future of Quality Assurance

nasscom identifies AI and Gen AI as catalysts for next-gen automation in quality assurance. As automation permeates every stage of the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC), specialized testing roles are on the rise. Skilling initiatives become imperative to equip QA professionals with AI fundamentals and ethical considerations.

Cigniti’s Trailblazing Initiatives in AI-led Quality Engineering and Digital Assurance

Cigniti is at the forefront of innovation in digital assurance, spearheading groundbreaking initiatives to enhance testing capabilities and ensure unparalleled quality in software development.

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Here’s a closer look at the remarkable strides Cigniti is making:

AI-Based Analytics: Cigniti’s commitment to leveraging AI extends to its advanced analytics capabilities. The company continues to refine and expand its AI-based analytics solutions, transcending traditional functional testing boundaries to encompass critical domains such as User Experience (UX) and application security testing. By harnessing AI algorithms, Cigniti empowers organizations to glean deeper insights and make informed decisions, thereby fortifying their digital offerings against emerging threats and user experience challenges.

AI-Based Automation: With its cutting-edge tool, iNSTa, Cigniti introduces the next generation of automation prowess. iNSTa boasts a sophisticated record-and-playback mechanism coupled with an object-based identification tool, facilitating seamless test script maintenance and enhancing testing efficiency. By harnessing the power of AI, Cigniti enables organizations to streamline their testing processes, reduce manual efforts, and accelerate time-to-market for their software solutions.

Investment in Intellectual Property (IP): Cigniti’s commitment to innovation is evident in its ongoing investments in intellectual property. The company pioneers container-based parallel execution methodologies, ensuring optimal performance and scalability in testing environments. Additionally, Cigniti is poised to leverage computer vision technology to automatically identify the root cause of defects, leveraging screenshots to expedite issue resolution and improve software quality.

Implementation of Turing Bots: Embracing Forrester’s concept of Turing Bots, Cigniti has seamlessly integrated intelligent bots across the entire Dev-Test lifecycle. These bots serve as invaluable assistants, augmenting the capabilities of testing teams and streamlining critical processes. From Test Manager Assistants facilitating triage, requirement analysis, and release readiness to Test Engineer Assistants empowering visual validation, result analysis, and test suite optimization, Cigniti’s Turing Bots are revolutionizing testing operations.

Blog 15Apr24 img2 1ML Assurance and Validation Services: Recognizing the importance of Machine Learning (ML) in modern software development, Cigniti offers specialized ML Assurance and Validation services. These services ensure the seamless deployment of AI, ML, and Generative AI models into production environments, mitigating risks and validating the efficacy of these advanced technologies. By combining rigorous testing methodologies with ML expertise, Cigniti enables organizations to harness the transformative potential of AI, ML, and Generative AI solutions confidently.

A Few Success Stories

Reduced ~75% of manual efforts in defect triaging, improved defect closure rate by 13%, and reduced test cycle time by 15% for the UK’s first branchless digital bank. Reduced ~75% of manual review effort and cost of quality by 60%, improved overall DRE from 91% to 96%, and accelerated time to market by 20% for a luxury voyage/cruise liner headquartered in Plantation, Florida. Expedited innovation cycles, established a data-driven decision-making culture, and achieved higher customer retention for an American multinational home improvement retail corporation.
Reduced ~90% of manual review effort, cost of quality by 60%, and accelerated time to market by 20% for a retail technology and SaaS solutions provider of auto manufacturers. Reduced ~90% of manual test generation effort, cost of quality by 30%, and accelerated time to market by 20% for a Property and Casualty Insurance Company headquartered in Boston, MA. Speed up the releases by 30%, reducing the cost of quality/infra by 10%, and test cycle time by 15% for one of the largest & oldest banking institutions in the United States.

Cigniti’s relentless pursuit of innovation and excellence underscores its commitment to shaping the future of digital assurance. Through AI-driven analytics, automation, intellectual property investments, Turing Bots implementation, and specialized ML services, Cigniti empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence, delivering superior software solutions that exceed customer expectations and drive business success.

Cigniti emerges as a disruptor in HFS’s Horizon Report and a leader in Everest Group’s Quality Engineering (QE) PEAK Matrix. Leveraging AI-based analytics and automation, Cigniti is at the forefront of innovation in digital assurance. From AI-driven analytics for UX and application security testing to next-gen automation tools like iNSTa, Cigniti’s offerings are poised to redefine the testing landscape.

Charting the Way Forward: Embracing AI-Powered Digital Assurance

As we navigate the complexities of the digital age, the convergence of AI and Gen AI presents unprecedented opportunities for digital assurance. Organizations must embrace AI-driven automation, upskill their workforce, and foster a culture of innovation to stay ahead of the curve. With Cigniti leading the charge, the future of digital assurance looks brighter than ever before.

In conclusion, the age of AI and Gen AI heralds a new era of possibilities for digital assurance. By harnessing the transformative power of AI-driven automation and upskilling their workforce, organizations can navigate the complexities of the digital landscape with confidence. As Cigniti continues to innovate and take charge, the future of digital assurance is indeed promising.

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