5 Ways Good User Experience Positively Impacts Your Business

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User experience (UX) design significantly grows your business and generates more revenue. Organizations across industries are adopting modern design sensibilities that help in client and user retention, increase customer experience and loyalty, and boost business revenue.

According to a McKinsey report, organizations that apply UX design best practices with well-targeted business objectives can see a return on investment of 9,900% in less than five years. A good user experience design entices customers and can significantly increase conversions, providing value for a business in the most literal sense.

Why is UX the key to building successful digital products?

In today’s digital era, user experience design is crucial because people demand things to be intuitive, simple to use, and aesthetically appealing. A well-designed digital product can significantly improve user experience and satisfaction. A poorly designed product could be frustrating and ambiguous, pushing people away.

Five ways to impact business growth with good UX

  1. Increasing business revenue

    How can prospects become customers if they need help locating what they’re looking for on your website? On the other side, businesses that invest in UX design typically realize a faster conversion of sales and more enduring consumer loyalty.

    The style of your website or application that consumers initially see sets the tone for their entire interaction with you. If the design is exciting and appealing, people will get inspired and want to learn more. However, if it’s uninteresting and challenging to use, they could leave before finishing an action.

    Understanding user behavior and making necessary adjustments, such as changing the interaction choices or the little design details as required, tremendously benefits businesses from higher conversion rates.

  2. Cost savings

    When done correctly, UX design can significantly save costs in many vital areas. Businesses that use detailed user experience design make it simpler for customers to locate what they’re searching for and increase conversion rates and customer happiness.

    Businesses that invest in UX design results see an improved and smooth user experience as they identify, analyze, and resolve the problems, before users find them. A feedback-driven UX approach guarantees that errors get fixed as soon as possible, increasing the overall user experience while saving money in the long run. A UX strategy driven by user feedback ensures that problems get fixed promptly, improving the overall user experience while reducing cost.

  3. Create a unique identity

    If your company wants to leave a lasting impression on its customers, investing in UX design might be the key to success.

    According to Invision Design, 94% of consumers rely on their first impressions of a website or app interface exclusively on its design, making it critical for businesses to offer an exceptional experience.

    You must provide an exceptional user experience to compete in a competitive market. Price will only get you so far; if your product is not simple to use and convenient once customers have downloaded the free trial or started using it, they can lose interest soon. Investing in UX design ensures that your clients remain devoted to you and that your product stands out as the obvious option.

  4. Retain loyal customers

    The success of a business depends on its customers, and UX is crucial in lowering turnover. When consumers leave frequently, companies find it challenging to attract new ones. On the other hand, businesses may profit from exceptional customer retention when customer satisfaction and loyalty are high, leading to a higher Lifetime Value (LTV) and lower Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC).

    Putting money into UX design entails having a natural grasp of how users engage with your service or website. Designers must adopt a user-centered perspective and include elements to streamline the experience. Make a strategy before developing that specifies each journey phase and enables consumers to find their way through the product or website effortlessly. By paying attention to these things, customer retention will improve significantly.

  5. Improve website conversion

    If you concentrate on improving user experience, it might be challenging to boost your conversion rate with the same quantity of visitors. Tools like Hubspot and audience polling allow you to learn how your website experience is enhanced. You may use this information to create an efficient iterative site-wide optimization plan.

    Furthermore, adding customized CTAs to informational or product/service pages might aid in directing users more profound into the sales funnel. If you mix awareness information with elements that lead them toward conversion, it will be simpler for visitors to finish their journey on your website.

    Additionally, investing in UX promotes consumer autonomy and enables you to maximize the talents of your technical team by allowing them to concentrate on innovation rather than answering user questions.


In addition to improving customer experience, a well-designed website or app can promote brand awareness. Additionally, building strong relationships with consumers will significantly increase your company’s value. Businesses should aim to provide enjoyable experiences for people on both ends when creating user interfaces and experiences.

At Cigniti, we help global brands navigate every aspect of the digital world by creating user and customer experiences that attract customers and deliver tangible business results. Look at our Experience Engineering service to see how our user experience design experts can make the most experiential design for your digital platform and products.


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