Why Automation Testing is Must for New OS Like macOS Sierra

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The latest operating system (OS) version of Apple’s desktop was recently released, and it has further improved its game! Christened as the “macOS Sierra”, this particular update has further integrated the iPhone with the Apple desktop. For starters, the feature that stands out the most is the incorporation of the dutiful virtual assistant, Siri. For most users, this feature has been much anticipated and long overdue. Apple has not released a third-party API and hence, Siri responds to, and works with, only Apple applications. With the extension to the updated desktop OS, the exclusivity of the feature becomes further pronounced.

Apart from asking questions about the weather, travel directions, or restaurant choices, Siri also lets users use its results for other applications. Another noteworthy feature is the unlocking of the Apple desktop with the Apple watch. Along with the exclusivity comes the convenience of being interconnected with devices that understand each other’s behavior and work harmoniously to complement one another. After all, isn’t that what the Internet of Things (IoT) is all about?

These are only a couple of aspects of Apple’s new OS, and for users to consider upgrading to macOS Sierra, it is crucial to ensure that application developers release updates that are compatible with the new software. While users are at present still only considering upgrading to macOS Sierra, soon they would automatically look to have their desktop functioning with the latest update.


In order to ensure that this happens seamlessly, application software development engineers and quality assurance engineers need to work hand-in-hand and roll out the necessary patches with quick turnaround time and high quality. Even basic testing requirements, such as allowing user credentials to be carried over, post the new installation update, requires careful scrutiny. Changes made to carry out the required testing need to be consistent over the volume of devices and ensure that simultaneous requests are appropriately handled.

Mobile automation testing is often a challenge, primarily because there are diverse platforms upon which the application is required to be meticulously tested. Due to this, test scripts need to be carefully devised, such that they can be reused across platforms and with minor tweaks. Load and stress testing are absolutely essential, owing to the fact that nearly all the concerned users would be aware of the incoming updates, and would want to keep abreast of them.

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End-to-end visibility of issues that may pop-up from both sides, client and server, upon variance in the load is crucial to load testing. Stress testing, on similar lines, helps determine the efficiency of an application, but subjecting it to extreme stress, until the application gives way. Ideally, covering edge scenarios increases the scope and reliability of the application in question.

Why Consider Cigniti Technologies?

Here at Cigniti Technologies, our skilled and professional automation testers possess impeccable domain expertise. Cigniti has achieved success time and again in mobile application testing. Owing to our very own Mobile Testing Center of Excellence, Cigniti’s business experts plan carefully and execute strategies for getting applications to market on time and within budget. The center of excellence enables Cigniti to test across mobile phone devices and through a range of functionalities.

In the segment of Mobile Device Cloud for testing on real devices on diverse networks and geographies, Cigniti offers two distinct kinds of mobile device laboratories:

  • Hosted Mobile Device lab and
  • Onsite Mobile Device Lab

Hosted by a service provider, the Hosted Mobile Device Lab aids in obtaining an end-to-end solution, apart from operating in a secure environment and enabling quick access to a dedicated device. The Onsite Mobile Device lab resides within the organization’s VPN for high security and ensures complete non-interference of third-party devices.

Cigniti has managed to deliver client-specific requirements relating to improving security, overall quality and establishing formal testing in mobile testing applications. By leveraging automation frameworks to optimize total effort, building test scripts that could be utilized across platforms, and by designing reusable components to reduce maintenance effort by 50%, Cigniti has exceeded expectation in delivering desirable outcomes.

For more information, go through our case studies and see for yourself the documented success stories. To contact us and talk to our experts, you can visit our company website.


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