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Why Should You Attend The LiQE (Leadership In Quality Engineering) Event In The US?

Why Should You Attend The LiQE (Leadership In Quality Engineering) Event In The US?
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Better Software, Better Future!

Check out these questions, feel free to answer for yourself and even if you believe one of these match your profile, expectations and roles, please read on

If answers to any of the above questions is an Yes or even a May be, you have landed in the right corner. Come join us at Leadership in Quality Engineering- LiQE.

What is LiQE?

A seminal quality engineering thought leadership focused event that brings best in class software test engineering thought leaders, leading industry analysts, business driving quality management executives and senior professionals from global enterprises and Independent software vendor organizations

What do you get to do at LiQE?

What will you not have at LiQE?

What next?

Check it out for your self and register at Depending on wherever you are in the US, you have a LiQE event that can be attended

  1. East ( or
  2. West ( or
  3. Central (

Please do, share and spread a word about this event if you are willing to spread the cause of software quality for better business and better future.


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