Will Digital assurance be the heart of your Customer Engagement?

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Enterprises are undergoing a rapid Digital transformation journey as digitisation has become a mandate today as opposed to just being an innovative trend. Based on Industry estimates, spending on “Digital transformation” initiatives will increase to 40% to 50% of the overall IT budget by 2020. CXOs need to deliver quality @ speed in an iterative and continuous manner.

Digital Transformation has become the most sought after strategic initiative across enterprises. Every organisation thus needs to focus all the energies and budgets in transforming its product and services to digital thereby pleasing the customer. But this transformation is ineffective if the organisation doesn’t factor in two key things – Customer Experience and Customer Journey.

Transforming to Digital is inevitable for any enterprise across the globe as it will bring numerous advantages. But the question is how can the customer experience be enhanced to have the competitive edge? Here is where the Quality Engineering and Digital Assurance play a key role. Delivering with high quality @ speed in digital transformation initiatives requires a completely new way of approach in testing because of the trending development approaches (Agile, DevOps), Technologies (Social, Mobile, Cloud, Big Data, Analytics & IoT) & Tools (Significant open source seamlessly coupled with commercial).

So, what exactly is Digital Assurance?

Digital Assurance is a set of quality assurance practices to ensure smooth interactions between various components of Digital Ecosystems encompassing interconnected people, processes and things cutting across the Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud stack. The Digital Assurance practices become critical for an organization considering complexities of the environment and the challenges which an organization faces in its journey to become a fully Digital Enterprise.

The top 5 factors driving organisations to embrace Digital Assurance initiatives as part of their DNA:

  • Digital is Complex: The most difficult challenge comes from the complexities arising from the nexus of forces – Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud, to ensure that they work in synchronization with organizational goals.
  • Digital makes an organization vulnerable to Security Threats: Security is of paramount importance specifically in an interconnected world. While the smart interconnected ecosystems on one side enable an unimaginable world of possibilities,  on the flip side, they also make the entire system highly vulnerable to security threats, if not properly configured and tested..
  • Digital needs to leverage your Legacy Infrastructure: This is another important challenge specifically with those enterprises that are not born Digital. They need to change their organizational DNA both from a cultural perspective and from legacy IT infrastructure standpoint. Ensuring their core functionalities are not impacted as they chart their path towards Digital Infrastructure can prove very challenging.
  • Digital can make or break your Customer Experience: Delivering enhanced customer experience while leveraging a variety of components of Digital Ecosystem becomes challenging. Ensuring each component delivers optimum performance leading to customer delight becomes difficult as an organization becomes more digitally mature.
  • Digital demands Agility: Being Agile through continuous quality assurance initiatives, and automating processes to ensure shorter delivery cycles become highly critical in a highly dynamic digital landscape

The LiQE CIO MeetUp being held at Sydney on 2 November 2016 is all about how QA can help a customer achieve Digital experience. The event which is meant for CIOs & Business Leaders will help in learning themselves the latest digital transformation needs, role of Digital QA for success and network with their peers & exchange ideas. Additionally, attendees will gain a larger outlook on the following topics:

  • Digital Customer Engagement and the Role of Digital QA
  • Importance of CX and how Digital QA is the key for Success

Visit our page  and register for the same. Also share this information and spread the word by doing your bit towards spreading the cause of software quality for a better business and a better future.

The LiQE’16 organised by Cigniti at Texas, USA in September is a huge success. See below what the panellists had to say:

I’d like to take this moment to thank you and the rest of the Cigniti team for the wonderful opportunity to speak last Thursday at the LIQE conference.  What a fabulous turnout! I very much enjoyed speaking on the panel, and interacting with the other panellists and Theresa. The collective wisdom of the entire group was infectious.  – Pamela Frost, Director – IT Project Management Office, YPO

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I had the chance to understand the best QA practices being implemented across the industries. LiQE also helped me learn lessons on the focus areas. For instance, the discussion around Virtualization was important for me. The event also introduced me to other esteemed QA leaders.  

– A Delegate at LiQE’16



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