5 Signs That Your Organization Needs a Comprehensive Testing Platform

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Are you worried that your organization is not doing all it can to keep up with the rapid technological changes? Are you certain you are doing everything in your reach to offer the best of quality to your end-users?

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Here are five unmistakable signs that your organization is in need of a comprehensive next-generation testing platform.

  1. With Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), the lifecycle extends beyond the development of the application and continues until it is not in use any longer. When it comes to utilizing tools for an ALM framework, the framework can either be built in a customized fashion or can directly comprise a wholly built ALM platform. Although an integrated platform with the right set of tools can offer more flexibility to the ALM process, it is often quite expensive. Even with cost as a challenge, organizations still prefer to use heterogeneous tools in the ALM. If challenges mount further due to lack of real-time insights and analytics, however, it may be a compelling indication that your organization needs a role-based system that comes with the ability to analyze data and provide insights for better decision making.
  2. Quality is an integral part of the product being offered. Automation testing, as a result, is rampant: and for good reason! Test automation software increases efficiency, coverage, and effectiveness of software testing. Automated test scripts can be reused multiple times and have the capacity to incorporate pre-defined actions. Due to amplification in accuracy and reduction in the time consumed, automated testing is essential, as more successful development projects attribute it to their success. If your organization needs a boost with respect to performance and industry accelerators, or if you find that there is simply too much expense involved in automated testing, it may be a telling sign for your organization to consider utilizing a platform that power packs and delivers affordable test automation.
  3. Any system upgrade or implementation involves the key process of data migration. In order to ensure that the resulting application encompasses identical behavior as the original, test cases play a major role. They track defects that arise during migration and are used to thoroughly comprehend the functionality of the application to be migrated. Present day witnesses many organizations that are in the process of data migration, and correspondingly, test scrip migration. The process is time consuming and requires expertise. If your organization does not yet have an integrated test asset migration platform, or if it requires too much of your effort, it may be time to consider using a comprehensive test asset platform.
  4. Lack of a stable business environment is a fact that can no longer be ignored. While traditional businesses operated in a reasonably stable environment, projects were divided into parts and were approached linearly. Due to rapid advancement of technology, however, business environments are now fast-paced and are approached with multiple lanes of product ideas, project deadlines and extended customer support. Businesses are aware of the transformation, but are still struggling to gain a foothold over process changes. If your organization is facing difficulties implementing testing in the agile environment, you might need to seriously consider using a process accelerator that has the ability to assess processes and practices, in order to better facilitate testing across platforms and for various functionalities.
  5. The shift to agile is inevitable, and adopting the agile methodology and implementing end-to-end testing is an absolute necessity. If your organization is finding it difficult to implement the end-to-end testing, it is advisable to use a model-based testing tool that produces software testing measures using models of systems needs and according to system performance.

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