6 Ways Digital Testing Will Help You Get More Business.

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Andrea Kearney and Mark Rands of PA Consulting Group say that software testing is the most under- estimated aspect of software development. The main reason for this is the cost involved in testing. CEOs and CFOs are of the opinion that once the software is developed and lab-tested, it should be installed and operational. They do not understand why developers insist on phasing testing.

Testing is an essential component of development and has many benefits to the business. We list below a few business benefits of software testing:

  1. Return on ROI

Though not directly related to ROI, which is what most executives are concerned about, testing can enhance user experience and optimize task completion rate. This, in turn, will lead to conversion of visitors to leads, and improve ROI.

  1. Identify Reasons for Drop outs and low Conversion Rates

Websites are the display windows for your business. Any visitor to the site is a potential client. Just as a customer can walk out of a brick and mortar shop, a visitor can “abandon” your website if his experience is not good. Testing allows businesses to understand why users are not satisfied and address the issues to increase conversions and ROI.

  1. Not Just SEO

Website testing is no longer just about SEO. Although the value of SEO cannot be undermined, the feel good factor is just as important, if not more. Testing your websites can improve the feel good factor for your customers and make them feel welcome on your website. This of course, will ultimately have a positive impact on ROI.

  1. KYC

Know your Customer is one of the biggest benefits of testing. Testing not only helps you understand consumer behaviour, it helps you understand what the customer is looking for on your site. You can then optimize your website for improving site conversions and ROI.

  1. Navigation and Mapping

How visitors navigate within a site is an important feedback that you can gain from user testing. You can then improve the structure of your website to facilitate easy navigation. A site which is simple to navigate and not crowded with too many banners and animations and provides what the customer needs, can turn more visits into sales.

  1. Political Leveller

Internal testing, though essential to the process of development, could often turn biased, or be inadequate. User testing with real consumers is an expensive prospect but provides an unbiased feedback on what your website does or does not do.


Digital testing includes user testing which is a very important component of testing software. With every business offering “online” goods& services and “free download” apps, the competition is tough. The challenge lies not just in having customers visit your site but having them stay on your site and make purchases.

Just as a customer in a physical store may walk out simply because the store does not have air conditioning or bad customer service, a visitor to a website may “walk out” or move away quickly because his experience in navigating the site is unpleasant or complicated. It is important to understand what your customer needs. Digital testing is the best way to gain this knowledge.


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