7 Reasons why you need specialist QA staffing services

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In today’s competitive world, consistently delivering good quality products is essential for an organization to survive and grow. Quality assurance is the process that ensures the quality and reliability of the software.  It aims to correctly and adequately test a product to ensure it meets the end-user needs. But the quality assurance process, on its own, will not succeed unless it is backed by the right resources with the right skills. This is where specialist QA staffing services come into play.

Why specialist QA staffing services and not just staffing services?

  1. Best talent pool in the market: QA staffing specialists take great care to recruit the brightest talent in the market.  Testing is a niche skill and testing needs vary from one organization to the other. Specialist QA staffing services guarantee resources who have the right skill set to perform the kind of testing you need. With a regular staffing service, you run the risk of getting hit by the “one size fits all” approach.
  1. Flexible Engagement Models:  Quality Assurance Specialist Staffers work closely with you to create an engagement plan that is tailored to your specific requirements. They make an effort to understand the testing need, the size of the project and the skills necessary to execute it. They can provide a one-stop solution to all your testing needs, right from testers on the floor to test leads, test managers, test automation specialists and test architects.
  1. Familiarity with emerging trends: Specialist QA staffing firms cater to a niche market and hence, are well aware of the emerging trends and technologies in testing like cloud testing, mobile testing, security testing etc. and possess the models and frameworks necessary to test them. They bring to the table latest testing metrics and dashboards that give a better indication of ROI.
  1. Limited training costs: Niche QA staffing services provide you with resources who are not only technically adept but also have the necessary domain knowledge. Be it banking and financial services, healthcare, retail or insurance, having experienced resources with the right skills and the right domain knowledge ensures you do not spend time and money on conducting extensive trainings as in the case of new or poorly matched recruits.
  1. Partnering with tool vendors: There is a plethora of test automation and testing tools in the market which help to make testing easier and more effective. Specialist QA staffing services often partner with these vendors to make available to you the right tools based on your project needs.
  1. Wisdom from past experience:  Specialised QA staffing services have experience providing testing solutions for variety of clients and business scenarios. Lessons learnt from past projects come in handy while executing projects of a similar nature in the future. What sets apart a specialist QA staffing service from a regular staffing service is that they provide not just testing resources but an end-to-end testing solution.
  1. Value for money: Last but not the least, specialist QA staffing services give you more value for your money. Most of them have a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) in place that delivers optimized and efficient testing while reining in testing costs.

At Cigniti, we bring you all the above advantages and more. We are committed to helping you transform your testing functions and attain a high level of QA maturity. Read more about the Testing services & Specialist QA Staffing services we offer.


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