Unraveling the myths regarding specialized QA staffing services

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Choosing a technology is almost child’s play compared to finding the talent to make sure it gets deployed properly. (Forbes – Sympathies for IT staffing challenges).

In the IT sector, finding resources with the right skill and experience is, no doubt, a major challenge. The problem is further compounded by the ever changing market and technology landscape.

QA being a critical part of a project, IT managers should put a lot of thought into hiring the correct resources for their QA team. When it comes to QA staffing, there are plenty of misconceptions that rule the decision to go for an in-house QA rather than engage the services of a specialized QA staffing service. Below, we attempt to unravel the most common of these misconceptions.

1. It is bound to be expensive

Actually, partnering with specialized QA staffing services is cheaper in the long run. It is an on-demand service where you have the flexibility of hiring and releasing employees based on your current demand. This means you no longer have to deal with idle employees during a slack period. QA staffing services offer trained career testers for your technology and domain, who bring the advantage of established test processes and best practices. They often have partnerships with leading tool vendors so that you get the right tools for your testing needs at negotiated costs.

2. An in-house testing team will work just as well as a specialized QA services team

While this may be true for a small number of companies, the majority of software companies struggle with maintaining a skilled in-house QA team. QA staffing services give you ready access to a wide talent pool with exposure to different type of testing. You don’t need to struggle with keeping your team up to date with new and emerging technologies and concepts in testing. All you need to do is have your QA staffing services engage the right resources for you.

3. Specialized testing teams will not be as committed to project goals as in-house teams

Specialized QA staffed resources are contractually bound to adhere to project timelines. They are career testers who are genuinely passionate about testing. They have exposure to working with different clients and, hence, are likely to be intuitive of your project needs.

4. Specialized QA staffing services do not bring any extra value

If you actually believe this, you could not be more wrong. QA staffing services strive to be in tune with latest testing technologies and concepts. Most of them boast of their own test centers of excellence. Their experience in executing a wide arena of projects can be crucial to ensuring success of your own multimillion dollars project. They can assist in planning and implementing automation and can also provide guidance in executing key concept projects like agile and its various offshoots. In short, there is a whole lot they bring to the table besides testing skills.

5. Specialized test services may not fit my need

This may be true if your project is of limited size and duration. But if your project is big and critical in terms of investment and business impact, you would do well to go for specialized QA staffing. They have various engagement models which can be tailored to suit your needs. Their testing consultants and recruiters ensure you get the right resources for your QA team.

Cigniti’s software testing specialists have more than a decade of experience in providing test advisory and IT staffing services to leading companies across the world. Our strategic partnerships with companies like HP, Xamarin and Experitest helps us to deliver best-in-class test services to our clients.

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