5 great reasons to choose specialized QA staffing services

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The continuing war on IT talent has left many companies struggling to find adequate skilled resources for their projects. Nearly 73% of small IT companies and 88% of large IT companies admit to being faced with an IT talent crunch.

The problem is even more acute when it comes to finding skilled personnel for QA roles. Emerging technologies coupled with the necessity to reduce the time to market have put immense pressure to maintain a flexible, talented and forward-thinking QA structure.

More and more IT companies are now looking to IT staffing organizations to procure skilled personnel for their QA teams. You desire to have the best talent available for your QA team. Then, doesn’t it make more sense for you to consider engaging a specialized QA staffing service instead of a generic staffing service?

Here are some reasons that we hope will convince you.

1. You get to work with the experts

When you partner with a specialized QA staffing services organization, you can be assured of expert service from people who know and understand testing. They are not run-of-the-mill staffing organizations who cater to all your technical and non-technical staffing needs. Their expertise arises from the fact that they focus only on QA staffing, which means they understand the requirements of various QA roles and take pains to recruit the best of the talent available in the market.

2. Cost effective

With specialized QA staffing services, you save the time, money and effort otherwise required for holding a recruitment process. With people of right technical and domain skills readily available, your training costs are also considerably reduced.

3. Best approach to testing

Specialized QA staffing services understand your testing needs like none other. Their test advisory services helps you choose the testing methodology best suited for your project. They bring the benefit of established test processes. You can take advantage of the best testing concepts like agile, TDD, BDD etc. What specialized QA staffing services offer is a customized and tailored testing solution instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

4. Better quality assurance process

Specialized QA staffing services offer resources that have rich experience and exposure to different test scenarios. They are career testers who are committed to testing and understand your requirements from a business and technical perspective. They bring in various best practices in testing and can offer guidance and assistance in implementing test automation. What you gain is a smooth, fast and efficient quality assurance process.

5. Keep up with technology

Keeping up with emerging technologies is the biggest challenge for IT organizations. With specialized QA staffing services, you no longer need to worry about training and cross-training your testing staff in the latest in Mobile testing, cloud testing, security testing etc. QA staffing organizations give a lot of focus to emerging technologies, tools and testing concepts unlike regular staffing organizations. This means you can be assured of the best resources trained in the latest technologies that are ready to be deployed into your projects.

The Cigniti Advantage: Cigniti’s experienced recruiters ensure you get the best in testing talent for your critical projects. Our crew of software testing specialists are skilled in niche areas like cloud testing, mobile testing, usability testing, security testing, performance testing etc. with exposure to various domains like healthcare, banking, retail, insurance and more. Our continuous training process ensures our testing specialists are always attuned to the latest in software testing.

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