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Attaining Operational Efficiency with Independent Software Testing

Attaining Operational Efficiency with Independent Software Testing
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Technology is evolving fast, really fast. New applications keep spurting each month across platforms and old application upgrades keep piling up! This is making one strong point that is the consumers are more demanding than ever with the hunger for new applications and additional features for the existing ones. This trend is most likely going to head northwards than southwards; Now just imagine the huge code base that we looking at in various platforms across numerous languages and geographies!. Such humongous code needs quite some testing and we are talking about constant and molecular testing on each and every release. Phew! that’s a lot of validation.

The current globally accepted model

Typically the development teams and test teams work in parallel with the following iterative model

Be it Agile or Waterfall model all of them follow the same process unanimously

Challanges of the present industry

Let’s look at a few operational challenges that testing teams under the “same brand dev & testing” Models face.

You can clearly see what happens to regular Test teams in the image above; it squeezes the testing time further as the development effort overlapped into test time. Most of the product development and testing under the same roof are facing similar challenges.

The ICE Breaker

Welcome to the realm of independent software testing, an area which is slowly and steadily picking up pace, But why?

We DO-NOT intend to change the way the current “development > testing > Go Live” works, all that independent software testing aims at is process optimization and tweaks to the regular testing cycle which usually is not given priority.

There are a lot of reasons why we certainly need independent testing and a few are listed as below:

Things to ponder upon before you go independent!

Having discussed a lot about independent software testing and the advantages of it, there are a few areas of scrutiny before you chose to operate under this model.

Final thoughts

Independent software setups can be path breaking towards success of an organization which intends to deliver quality software to the market in time over and over again without delays. Though it may not appear cost effective immediately, but the ROI grows exponentially over time as it’s always cheaper to fix a bug before the software goes live. So it may be time you start thinking about independent software testing for your application, after all no one likes to use buggy software.

Thank you for reading!

By Niranjan Keshavan – Project Lead at Cigniti Technologies


  • Niranjan Keshavan (Test Manager – QA Delivery at Cigniti Technologies) Niranjan is a Retail Banking and Digital Banking expert with around 12 years’ experience. He has been instrumental in managing delivery functions for various client engagements focused around Digital Banking Transformations and Cloud Based Implementations ( Testing ) . He has experience of working with cross-cultural teams across varied geo-locations in latest cutting edge technologies.

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