Creating a High-Velocity Testing Organization

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Efficient and high-quality software cannot be developed overnight. It demands weeks – and sometimes months – of dedicated effort and rigorous testing. Research has revealed that 80% of downtime is a result of application errors or failures. The downtime situation worsens when cloud computing is involved. The solution for this serious issue is High-Velocity testing.

What is High-Velocity?

Velocity is measured by units of work done in a particular interval. Its length is fixed in the beginning of a project. A High-Velocity organization is capable of delivering high quality performance in a certain interval. The idea of using velocity as a tool is to help team members find out their optimum work capacity for a given time period. So a High-Velocity team is able to complete tasks at a faster pace and deliver better results than conventional teams.

High-Velocity Testing: The need of the hour

If a testing organization seeks to deliver a nearly flawless software product within a deadline, then it must take advantage of High-Velocity Testing. In order to excel in high-velocity testing, a company should have in-depth knowledge of testing processes. It should be able to provide clients with error-free and timely testing, day in, day out.

There are many factors that influence velocity in testing. They are as follows:

1. Stability of Testing Team – The core members in a testing team should not be moved frequently. Frequent migration directly affects velocity.

2. Hiring the Best Talent – It is important to assemble a team of people having the best engineering skills. Hiring individuals with low skill levels will negatively impact the organization.

3. Proper Communication – Lack of communication between members in a testing team hugely affects velocity or performance of a testing organization. Ideas should be shared on a regular basis and in a positive manner.

4. Awareness About Testing – It is very important for team members to know the importance of fruitful testing. This awareness will boost performance.

5. Training and Expertise – The team should be provided high-end training in order to deliver best possible results. Product-specific training is a must.

6. Provide clear access – Lack of access to reports, systems and software is the most prevalent cause for slowing down the testing process. According to this research from CA Technologies, a typical organization needs access to 33 systems for development and testing, but nearly 2/3 of the team has access to only 50% of the required systems.

The importance of outsourcing in testing

Testing of an application before its release requires experienced resources, time and hard work. Not all organizations are equipped for such testing. The best way is to outsource the testing process – this saves precious time, money and energy for an organization.

The biggest advantage offered by outsourcing is that a company can focus entirely on its core processes. The software market is flooded with testing organizations – the only thing you need to be careful about is choosing the best one for your needs.

Strong testing teams are not born overnight

In order to achieve top-notch testing results, a testing organization should take a pledge to provide relevant and product specific knowledge to its workforce. This is how the testing team at Cigniti works. In Cigniti, all testing-related activities are centralized at the Testing Center of Excellence (COE).

Cigniti has earned a reputation for offering high-velocity testing services for cloud computing environments, and has a strong team of professionals with the skills to test the most complex software. Team Cigniti is committed to the goal of helping companies launch error-free software products in the market.


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