Reduce Cost of Quality using Intelligent no-scripting Test Automation

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According to Gartner, “Scriptless testing tools reduce or eliminate the amount of scripting involved in the creation of tests using model, object, data or keyword-driven approaches. The goal is to enable business user testing and to reduce maintenance costs.

With the advent of Scriptless test automation, the whole complexion of test automation changed. It is no longer alienated from manual testers or business analysts who cannot code.

Scriptless test automation not only simplifies the test automation process without actual coding but is also an effortless and easy process to learn compared to other automation tools.

In this era of digitalization, where the consumer needs are changing according to the evolving trends, scriptless test automation has now advanced to the next level of automation, which is intelligent no-scripting test automation.

According to Forrester predictions, “Intelligent automation suites will provide one quarter of all robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. Commoditization, major enterprise software acquisitions, new entrants, specialization, and public market ambitions are defining a diverse RPA market. Like machine learning, RPA will become an embedded feature in many platforms by the end of 2021. RPA will be available from almost 200 software companies that are in the business of digital transformation.”

The intelligent no-scripting test automation is an amalgamation of traditional automation practices combined with nascent technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Cloud Computing, and to an extent, the Internet of Things (IoT).

With technologies like AI and ML entering the mainstream, they are not just limited to developing new applications, but have also started to spread their wings in areas such as quality assurance and other facets of testing.

Arbitrating the advantages of these technologies such as efficiency and cost savings, enterprises have started espousing them to a larger extent, especially in the areas of digitalization.

In the current pandemic, businesses have refocused on resilience, which for many has led to fast-tracking the automation agenda.

According to Craig Le Clair, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester, “The world of automation has changed in the past year. Just six months ago, tech and business leaders would lightly suggest automation ideas, jockey for budget, and get nods and smiles for their efforts but little commitment. Now, automation has moved to heated board-level discussions that often end with statements such as “If we don’t automate everything we can, we may not survive.””

Contextual Intelligence and automation can together provide a path to sturdier growth, an enhanced customer experience, abridged risk, and a greater agility.

Complementing these powerful technologies, enterprises have started automating several business activities such as orchestrating corporate IT systems to processing insurance claims, which once required a human resource at the helm of affairs.

Enterprises that have ignored the potential of intelligent automation might risk putting themselves at a competitive disadvantage.

The need for enterprises to adopt Intelligent Scriptless Test Automation

To create competitive advantage for enterprises, the digital transformation initiatives need to deliver superior experience to customers at higher velocity.

Per Forrester’s predictions 2021,” The ‘great lockdown’ of 2020 will make the drive for automation in 2021 both inevitable and irreversible. Remote work, new digital muscles, and pandemic constraints will create millions of pragmatic automations in 2021; document extraction, RPA (robotic process automation) from anywhere, drones, and various employee robots will proliferate; and, as expected, the mad dash to automate will bring trouble.

While automated test platforms have proven to be efficient, however, there is a need for the next level of automation to cater to the latest emerging trends. By orchestrating the QA processes with AI enabled Intelligent no-scripting Test Automation, enterprises can achieve:

  • Holistic test planning and execution.
  • Maximum coverage with optimized test suite.
  • Execution of the right set of tests.
  • Self-healing test mechanism to make sure tests never fail.
  • Validation of GUI via AI powered visual validator while the automation scripts are being executed.
  • Intelligent Script maintenance that can change scripts no matter how many times application under test (AUT) change.

While the reasons to adopt intelligent no-scripting test automation are many, efficiency and cost savings are the core drivers of automation initiatives at most enterprises.

Quantify Cost of Quality with Intelligent no-scripting Test Automation

Enterprises are now enabled to bring new heights of milieu, astuteness, and automation to decision making and day-to-day processes, with the rapid development of increasingly erudite technologies.

Intelligent no-scripting test automation helps reduce a lot of quality costs to enterprises, thereby increasing their return on investment (ROI).

Per Forrester, “Automation, not surprisingly, is aimed at the employee experience. In 2021, digital transformation initiatives in more than three-quarters of enterprises will focus on automation.”

Two-thirds of the enterprises that encountered broken processes during the pandemic were able to recoup quickly by implementing intelligent no-scripting test automation solutions, thereby saving them from a lot of unexpected expenditure.

A 5G network provider that was focused on accelerating software network transformation for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) has achieved 74% test automation coverage with Intelligent no-scripting Test Automation framework.

While there are no standards defined to gauge the proximity of the emerging applications in the wake of digitalization, it is imperative to have a robust architecture designed to cater to all customer needs.

Not only will a properly scaled intelligent scriptless test automation platform help provide superior customer experience, it will also scale up the test automation initiatives and drive efficiencies resulting in faster time to market and subsequently increasing revenue.

Closing thoughts

While application complexity is increasing faster than test teams and tools can keep up, there is a need for enterprises to adopt to a new age scriptless testing platform for increased productivity and overall quality. Speed, Scale, Agility, Quality, Intelligence, In-Sprint, and Resilience are the test automation expectations in the digital era.

Cigniti’s Intelligent No-Scripting Test Automation (iNSta) platform is an all-in-one AI empowered scriptless test automation platform that can automate against any UI and API based application in any environment and execute simultaneously across platforms.

The key differentiators of iNSta are –

  • Plan 2 ExecuteTM: AI based test methodology which will help teams to do holistic Test planning and execution.
  • Intelligent Object Locators: AI powered engine identifies the stable and reliable locators for each object.
  • Visual Validator: AI powered visual validator validates the GUI while your automation scripts are being executed.
  • Report 2 ResolveTM: Automatically adapt to application changes and self-heal tests to make sure tests never fail.
  • Resolve 2 RemediateTM: Intelligent Script maintenance engine recommends script changes no matter how many times application under test (AUT) change.
  • Test Suite Optimization: AI model that optimizes the test suite to pick the right set of tests to execute with maximum coverage.

If you are looking at reducing your quality costs without hindering customer experience, talk to our Intelligent Scriptless Test Automation experts today.


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