JMeter tips and tricks – Part 2

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How to run JMeter test plan for specified amount of time?

There are two ways to specifying certain amount of time to run a JMeter test plan.

Technique 1:

  • In the Thread Group Element, Check scheduler and specify the Duration in seconds. If you want to run Jmeter test plan for 30 minutes then enter 1800 as shown below.

thread group

  Technique 2:

  • Create a Thread Group which should contain your actual samplers.
  • Add two Test Action samplers to the above Thread Group

Add -> Sampler -> Test Action

thread group1

  • Click on Test Action 1 and enter below setting.

Select Target as Current Thread and Action as Pause and enter 1800000

Milliseconds (30 minutes duration). This sampler acts as a Pause.

  • Click on Test Actin 2 Sampler and specify below settings.

Select Target as All Threads and Action as Stop. This sampler stops the

Execution once it reaches the specified duration

  • Make sure you unchecked Run Thread Groups consecutively option in Test Plan.

Summary: When we want to execute the load test for specified amount of time i.e. 2 hrs. Then we go for above either of two techniques.


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  • Arasakuamri

    I have created a test case for login & booking like ola/uber app. I need to pass a user authentication key for next call. For single thread it works. But if i increase thread count, authentication failed response showing. So i need to pass recently executed login authentication key for next call. How do i? Please help me out to execute the load test. I need a beanshell post procesor query to pass recently generated auth key.

    August 31, 2017 at 12:28 PM

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