JMeter tips and tricks – Part 2

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Further to our previous blog here is the next one:

How to run JMeter test plan for specified amount of time?

There are two ways to specifying certain amount of time to run a JMeter test plan.

Technique 1:

  • In the Thread Group Element, Check scheduler and specify the Duration in seconds. If you want to run Jmeter test plan for 30 minutes then enter 1800 as shown below.

 Technique 2:

  • Create a Thread Group which should contain your actual samplers.
  • Add two Test Action samplers to the above Thread Group

Add -> Sampler -> Test Action

  • Click on Test Action 1 and enter below setting.

Select Target as Current Thread and Action as Pause and enter 1800000

Milliseconds (30 minutes duration). This sampler acts as a Pause.

  • Click on Test Actin 2 Sampler and specify below settings.

Select Target as All Threads and Action as Stop. This sampler stops the

Execution once it reaches the specified duration

  • Make sure you unchecked Run Thread Groups consecutively option in Test Plan.

Summary: When we want to execute the load test for specified amount of time i.e. 2 hrs. Then we go for above either of two techniques.