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How to Succeed with Selenium: Open Source Test Automation Tool

How to Succeed with Selenium: Open Source Test Automation Tool
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In software development, it is a common practice to adopt test automation, once the software completes the stable phase of manual testing. Every organization thinks of automated testing as a way to cut down manual testing costs. The cost of testing is significant for any software project and organizations are keen to invest in open source testing tools than expensive commercial testing suites. There are varieties of open source testing tools available online, but this blog explores factors to succeed with the open source web automation tool – Selenium.

Why Selenium Testing

Selenium is one of the popular automated website testing tools available online and is used to test GUI and functionality of the website. Selenium is easy to get started with and any novice tester can handle it with minimum difficulties. Here are more reasons to select Selenium:

However, here are certain things to keep in mind when you decide to go with Selenium:

If you are skeptical about the success of selenium automated tests, Cigniti consultants can work with your team to maximize your productivity and returns with automated selenium tests.

Cigniti has developed Cigniti Test Automation Accelerator Kit (GTAAK) that offers tool agnostic framework, reusable object library as well as guidelines on best practices for automation. Get in touch with experts at Cigniti to know more about Selenium Testing.



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