Why Test Automation and How to Migrate to TestComplete Easily?

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With the growing trend of digital transformation coupled with the wider adoption of agile and DevOps practices and Cloud technologies, organizations are driven to find their ways to meet faster delivery cycles, offer improved customer satisfaction, and achieve better business results. Early detection of defects that arise due to continuous and rapid changes being introduced during agile development lifecycle is crucial. Hence, organizations are increasingly inclining towards test automation to stay abreast and ahead of the competition. Increased level of test automation has become necessary for handling the growing demand for speed to market.

With the new developments and advancements in the QA space and testing tools, organizations can well-equip themselves to build a reliable and robust test automation process that offers high-quality products or services. In the current digital era, where the customer is hyper-connected and can reach the client via various channels including the web and mobile applications, offering seamless and flawless customer experience can only help keep businesses to stay a step ahead. To be able to offer impeccable quality at accelerated speed demands specialized skill sets. Testers need to test not only the functionality of applications, but also the customer experience.

Benefits of Test Automation

Benefits of Test Automation

As per the World Quality Report 2015-16, Average percentage of test case automation has increased from 28% to 45%. However, organizations are facing a number of challenges in the implementation of test automation. The top 5 challenges are:

  1. Too frequent changes in application functionality
  2. Delivery methodology that doesn’t support test automation
  3. Not having the right automation tools
  4. Absence of right automation testing process/method
  5. Lack of skilled and experienced test automation resources
Test Automation Challenges

Test Automation Challenges

All the above challenges call for a complete solution of setting up a proper test automation process and practicing agile methodologies in combination with right tools and skill sets. As we discussed in our earlier post, legacy tools and systems need to be migrated to the modern, flexible testing tools.

Lack of the right test automation strategy and testing tools fails the test automation process and puts the organization’s reputation at stake. There is a variety of test automation tools, both open sourced in the market and licensed, driving the increased adoption of test automation across the software development cycle. Choosing the right test automation tool which suits the needed test environments for the applications / software under test defines the success of test automation.

Why TestComplete?

SmartBear’s TestComplete is a comprehensive and cost-effective tool that empowers any tester, both beginner and experienced, to create, manage and run automated tests for desktop, the web, and mobile applications.

TestComplete accesses properties of the application, internal methods and objects, and to achieve testing speed and create robust tests across web, mobile and desktop without compromising quality. It reduces initial investment costs on a testing software while realizing long-term savings on test maintenance and support costs. The TestComplete Platform has an open flexible architecture that offers easy, speedy and cost-effective creation, maintenance, and execution of automated tests across desktop, web, mobile.

Then, how to migrate to the flexible and easy-to-use TestComplete to attain its benefits?

An experienced testing partner can help you build the test automation process and derive the maximum benefits. We, at Cigniti, with 17+ years of experience in software testing have built a number of state-of-the-art test tools and frameworks. Our new migration tool that helps you to successfully migrate to TestComplete offers real-time business benefits including:

  1. Business-as-usual all through migration
  2. Ready-to-use libraries
  3. Reduced resource utilization with reduced rework cycles
  4. Reduced costs of migration and improved RoI
  5. High-quality of software and applications due to continuous assessments
  6. Minimal support needed from testing teams
  7. Accelerated application delivery and shorter application release cycles
  8. High predictability and improved end-to-end visibility
  9. Flexibility to be employed across multiple devices/OS
  10. Automation architecture best practices during migration

Cigniti is aimed at organizing a joint webinar with SmartBear on July 20th, 2016 on “on “Developing a Robust Testing Approach for Agile Transformation.” Register for the webinar to learn how you can achieve better business outcomes by choosing TestComplete for successful test automation and how efficiently you can migrate to TestComplete by using Cigniti’s migration tool.



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