Why Digital Testing Requires a Different Approach?

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In this world of digital transformation, testing new products is getting more and more complex. The testing processes can be long and costly because of the increasing number of mobile devices, smart appliances, media channels, developmental environments and business applications, all of them demanding faultless connectivity. Companies need to launch their products in the market faster than ever before by covering all the possible testing challenges.

The disruption of digital transformation is the biggest fear across all industries. Today’s connected world has unified multiple aspects of businesses such as multiple customer channels, supply chains, interfacing devices, application touch points, etc. Hence, the QA organizations are in urgent need to assess customer experience capabilities as well as to ensure the functionality of each and every application applying the developments in quality, cost, and agility.

There is a need to focus on the disruptive nature of digital technologies with an emphasis on customer experience testing. In order to achieve it successfully, more attention should be paid toward service offerings with an integrated test delivery platform which encompasses channel and tool agnostic test automation framework, a structured mobile testing strategy and proper crowd testing.

There is also a need to provide more niche expertise to the customer with the realization that as testing teams comprise of a co-located team with a combination of Onsite, Offshore, and Nearshore teams, there is a need to bring better quality, improved communication, and a structured and layered approach with reduced cost and enhanced values. There is also a need to prioritise and place more emphasis on niche services at all the locations in order to capitalize on defined values and speed and meet the growing challenges to be fulfilled in Digital testing.

There is also a need to adopt Centralized and Decentralized approaches while organizing QA and testing functions as the development process comprises of critical integrations and transformations. In order to perform the testing smoothly, a structured approach will prove to be very fruitful. Also, multiple approaches should be tested before arriving at a final conclusion as one size doesn’t fit all. While searching for a testing partner, the emphasis should be to find a partner who has expertise in multi-layered operating approaches, continuous integration and governed by real-time dashboards.

Successful integration in the digital world also demands adoption of swift practices and a proper platform engineered to meet the testing needs efficiently. This kind of fast and responsive QA and testing needs can be better met by integrating it with agile development. The QA organizations also need to integrate the upstream as well as downstream approach and create a Test-Operations concept to stay ahead from others. This could also be achieved by successfully adopting risk based techniques and testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Service Virtualization, etc.

With the migration of a lot of applications to Cloud, there is also a need to gain expertise in Migration Testing to Cloud along with keeping an eye on the security as well as the performance aspects that may be hampered during the migration process. Focussed Migration testing techniques focussing on multi-channel and Behaviour Driven Testing (BDD) models will prove to be of great use in these situations.

Hence, we can conclude that with increasing complexity and competition in this Digital world, there is an extreme need to analyze the trends, examine them, and follow the right steps to enhance one’s testing capabilities and implement the right testing practice that will help in managing the testing activities and complexity seamlessly and achieve the standards required for Digital Testing.

At Cigniti, we cover all the bases and ensure that effective testing is performed by the right set of experts. We ensure the best quality for your product and that your customers are happy. Our tool agnostic test automation frameworks ensure accelerated testing so that you get higher productivity and an enviable time to market.


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