Harnessing the Power of Digital Transformation with Secure Mobile Testing – Part 1

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Digital Transformation accelerates customer service preferences as it simplifies products and processes. Web and Mobile apps ease customer reach and enable business growth online resulting in improved ROIs. The usage of mobiles and mobile apps today has far exceeded the usage of desktops. This emergence of Mobile technology has not only revolutionized the way business is conducted but also transformed the delivery mechanism of government services. This is because of the ease with which data can be virtually accessed from anywhere, anytime through a smart phone. Added to this are the ever-evolving mobile apps that are sweeping the mobile world enabling transactions – right from monitoring health patterns to paying bills to booking movie tickets.

All this makes security the biggest concern in today’s virtual world, where even the slightest vulnerability, whether in business or government sector, can lead to a major fallout on data security for mobile apps or desktop apps, further leading to loss of revenue and reputation.



There is every possibility that the businesses not providing a satisfactory mobile experience will lose to their competitors. This, in turn, creates a challenging environment for businesses or government services operating in the domain of data security, diversity of mobile device, platform and browser usage of customers. This situation leaves businesses with the pressing challenges of how to keep pace with growth maintaining the security of customer and enterprise data across diversity.  In government services this translates to the challenge of satisfying a huge user-base of citizens scattered across the country.

This environment also helps foster the birth of newer and better vision and ideas in the field of Security.

Mobile-Web Enabled Services

There is an increasing demand for Mobile-Web enabled Services as they bring agility and speed to market through simplified and standardised services that enhance customer experience. When services like Banking, eCommerce, and Tax and Bill payments are Mobile-Web enabled, they create an ease for the users with a comfort to connect from anywhere, anytime.

As the usage of devices, platforms and browsers is as per the user’s discretion, it becomes the foremost requirement to test these services for complete compatibility across multiple browsers. It is also imperative to review and compare Mobile-Web enabled services for functionality and styles across several browser platforms, mobile devices, and operating systems for potential discrepancies providing enough scope to fix them early.

Secure Mobile-Testing Challenges

After testing for functionality and performance, the system faces the challenge of hackers who leave no stone unturned while exploiting vulnerabilities in the applications through advanced methods and techniques. Handling these Testing Services securely is crucial, because it involves critical business validations, security confirmations, and high transparency for users who directly connect to sensitive databases using a range of devices. Only Continuous Security Testing on diversified devices can help early detects, thus preventing and removing possible harm to applications.

Secure Mobile testing also needs to be kept updated about the latest hacks and testing them on all the mobiles. This can be made possible by investing in world class Mobile Testing Labs and owning the mobile devices for testing them continuously.

These strategies vary based on the complexity of the issues and possible attacks. A variety of existing and upgraded security tests need to be conducted on all the devices. Now, to test all possible combinations of threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks, and to provide a thorough secure mobile-testing on diversified devices, means a huge investment in devices, infrastructure, and skilled resources.

It’s evident that doing justice to secure mobile-testing adds to the investment of developing a mobile app. And if secure mobile-testing is overlooked, fascinating apps could result in performance pitfalls creating dissatisfied users who are always at ease to uninstall the app and open new apps with better user experience.

In an unforgiving market like this, how can anyone bring down the investment costs for exhaustive mobile-testing? What would be the possible solution of performing secure Mobile testing and provide successful Mobile-enabled services reaping best ROI?

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